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Our story

After a couple of years I already had my 500 hr registered yoga teacher certification by Yoga Alliance and certifications in Hatha, Ashtanga, Sattva (Himalayan Kundalini), Yin and Kids Yoga and many other certifications in fields as meditation, nutrition and Ayurveda. During this period, I taught yoga in different yoga studios, events and settings, always yearning to share the ancient yogic wisdom and benefits. And the the 2020 pandemic happened and changed everything. All of my plans were cancelled and new ones had to be done. 

As you may know, cancelling plans, making new ones and then cancel them again happened over and over again in 2020. During this period of great uncertainty, somehow the Universe send me a clear message: it is time to develop my own sacred space in which to share my love and passion for yoga. It was the only clear and certain information I received in a time of constant change and uncertainty. And as crazy that my sound, I listened and I started planning. 

And here we are! Divine Flow Yoga Center was created to give you and everyone that needs an oasis of peace, relaxation, yoga, meditation, personal discovery and development. It is not just a yoga studio, but a place where you can experience your true value, your true power, your true nature. A place where you can discover your true potential, which is infinite, boundless and timeless. An oasis where you can come home to yourself, your true self and be united with the higher being!

Can't wait to meet you on the mat!

Om shanti!


If you would like to know more about me, please visit: 


Namaste yogi,

I am Maria and I am the founder of Divine Flow Yoga Center. My yoga journey started in 2016, while I was going through a depression. As many of yogis know, people come to yoga because they need to change or fix something in their lives . So was my case. By discovering and practicing yoga on a daily bases, I could transform my life entirely. I fought my depression and not only. Yoga has the amazing ability to enlighten and positively transform every aspect of your life. Seeing and experiencing the benefits of yoga, slowly I started to dedicate my entire life to learning and teaching yoga. 


The story of our name

Divine Flow Yoga Center has it's name from my sanskrit given name, which is: Rasa Devi. Rasa Devi is translated as Divine Flow, two words which defined my transformation, as I learned that in life you have to trust the Higher Power, trust the flow of life and just go with it! Nothing ever remains unchanged, everything is in constant movement, so learning to move gracefully through all the challenges of live is of paramount importance for a healthy, happy, fulfilled life!

And as my teacher likes to say: 


"You can live this life either like a burden, or as a dance. So dance!"

- Anand Mehrotra

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